Hello World

Welcome to the personal site of hobbyist / enthusiast PHP web developer Lawrence Cherone, on my site you can find some of my scripts ive made, questions ive answered on stackoverflow and all that good stuff. If you would like to contact me then feel free todo so, im always down for a natter. You can also now ask questions on my own Q&A site (Setupmyscript.com), which is more aimed at people who are beginners and want friendly advice without all the rules of stackoverflow.

Happy coding!!!

PHP Scripts & Projects ive made:

Over time I will add PHP scripts ive made so as you can enjoy them. I have lots of bits and bobs to add eventually, but im yet to tidy them up for public release.


A Simple PHP is a "Origin Pull" CDN Pass-through caching class, that can be used as a stand alone script or integrated into a controller of sort as a model. Its function is to automatically cache a resource E.G image, CSS, js files from your main site so as to speed up loading times by distributing requests.


A simple stripped down PHP TCP socket server and client, that communicates in JSON format; wrapped in a handy class. Server will parse the JSON and call controller based on route, currently its very bare and does nothing but sends JSON back. In later commits ill add something more interesting.


A simple PHP class that will handle downloading project from GitHub, removing master- folder prefix, repacking and proxying back the project as a download.


CH1 is an empty MVC example framework. Powered PHP with SQLite3(PDO), with a few common models available.


WDStak is a (Couldn't be simpler) hassle-free Apache2, PHP(5.3.9), mySQL, phpmyadmin Web Development Stack for Windows. No install or setup, just Start/Stop services.